Membership Code of Conduct

Kiira Health Inc. Privacy Policy

Last Updated : Jun 21 2023

Welcome to Kiira Health.

Please read the following in its entirety before proceeding with becoming a member.

What is Kiira:

Kiira is a hybrid women's healthcare company centered around connecting women to providers virtually and in person for a safe, convenient and all round effective healthcare experience virtually or in person.  

We have designed our care for all people however we have been intentional about keeping care of women of color front and center for a more equitable healthcare world connecting people with culture centered and competent care from anywhere.


Where are you located?  
Our address is 7225 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Are you available online?
Yes, we provide virtual care via telemedicine. Please select a visit from our virtual care tab while booking an appointment.

How does kiira work? 
Kiira is a healthcare management organization. What that means is we work to get you connected with a team of independent providers who  are dedicated to providing excellent care to patients.

How much is membership?
$150 billed annually - Yup! Thats less than $13 per month OR $15 monthly.

Membership pricing is subject to change at any time.

(Please note that you have a yearly commitment even with the monthly payment)

What do I get as a Kiira Member?

Your Kiira Membership Plan Features:

- One free mental health assessment (Available in person at our melrose clinic)

- Access to providers in person or over video (Video visits available in all 50 states)
- On-site lab services. Save time with access to convenient in house blood draws and labs.
- Call in or easily appointments on your desktop or phone. No app needed.
- Online access to your health summaries and care plans.
- Free events and activities including, yoga, pilates, sound-baths etc.

How do book appointments?

If you are already a member click HERE to start booking appointments. Please note that membership will be verified upon appointment booking.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes we do. We accept a few plans currently and add more very frequently. Please be sure to check back and verify insurance coverage.

- We accept the following insurance plans for in person care (Dr. Francesca Rogers) - Aetna (Out of network but accepts) United (Out of network but accepts), Anthem Blue Cross of California PPO, Cigna Health PPO,  Blue Shield of California. Tricare PPO  (Out of network but accepts).

- We accept the following insurance plans for virtual care : (Dr. Candice Fraser, Dr. Lorraine Beraho) Aetna Life Insurance Company (California), Anthem Blue Cross of California, Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, United Healthcare Insurance Company (California), Blue Shield of California
We currently do not accept insurance for therapy of psychiatry visits. Please note that you are fully responsible for those visits.

Please be sure to verify that we are in network with your plan before proceeding with membership: Call us at (323) 317-8123

If it states out of network that means that your copay will be higher.

Rules and Guidelines

Kiira health in an exclusive, member only care experience designed with women of all backgrounds in mind. We have set up a set of rules and  community guidelines to ensure a standard of behavior expected from all our members to ensure a safe environment for members to interact and have a truly safe and comfortable healthcare experience.  

Kiira Health celebrates diversity, we do not judge on gender, race, religion, sexuality or physicality, and we expect our members and guests to do the same. Here are our rules and guidelines:

- The health and safety of our members, patients and team is extremely Important to us. Please refrain from any behavior that will put the health and safety of our community at risk this includes use of profanity over the phone or on our premises, harassing staff or fellow members in any manner or performing any illicit activity online or in person.
- We expressly prohibit: Abusive language, sexual harassment, Physical assault of any kind and weapons.
- No animals will be allowed in Kiira except for legally recognized and certified service dogs.
- Members and their guests should be aware that for safety reasons, we have cameras in all common areas, we do not have cameras in any exam rooms for your privacy.
- All Kiira members and their guests are obligated to abide by the Kiira’s smoking policy, and to all applicable no-smoking governmental laws, rules and regulations.
- Conduct by a member or guest that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of Kiira may result in suspension or expulsion of such member.
- We expect that our patients are fully responsible for understanding their payment options and responsibilities. This includes verifying insurance, and cash pay. Patient responsibility forms must be filled before appointments.
- We will use the personal information you provide us in connection with your membership via our Kick it with Kiira newsletter, phone or regular email, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions regarding your membership and/or code of conduct please contact us at

We respect all potential members and are excited to provide adequate care . However, please keep in mind that If you do not agree wit our terms and guidelines, please do not join Kiira.Failure to abide by our set guidelines will result in termination of your membership immediately without a refund.