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Kiira For Colleges

Whether or not you have an on-campus women’s clinic or center, we will work with you to provide your students with access to our care team available 24/7.

Kiira For Employers

With Kiira your employees are a click away from the care they need. Kiira is here to help your employees thrive, improve productivity and stay healthy.

Kiira for Health Plans

Give your members the quality women's health care that they deserve. Increase retention rates, improve health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Services and Features


  1. STI Screenings
  2. Birth Control Counseling
  3. Preventative Medicine


  1. Delivery
  2. Postpartum care
  3. Pediatrics


  1. Fertility Counseling
  2. IVF
  3. Egg Freezing

A Diverse Care Team at their Fingertips

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Primary Care Physicians
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Women's Health Nurse Practitioners
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Certified Nurse Midwives
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Certified Sex therapists
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licensed marriage and family therapists

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