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At Kiira, we believe that women's health involves the care of the whole woman and that is why we connect you to trusted and vetted experts in Primary healthcare, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mental Healthcare and more available 24/7 via phone, video and chat.

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Primary Care

Are you looking for a primary care provider? Do not look any further.. Let us be your first point of contact as you navigate your health with our trusted Doctors, Women's health Nurse practitioners and more.

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Sometimes your intimate needs can only be discussed with someone who understands you, who looks like you and who is also available whenever you need them. We are here to connect you to your person.

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We know that a woman's mental and physical health go hand in hand, that is why Kiira is equipped with the right mental health experts and counsellors to get you on track with your physical and mental health.

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We have expert health educators equipped with helping you navigate your physical health, social health, emotional health, intellectual health, sexual and reproductive health and more.

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A Diverse Care Team at their Fingertips

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Primary Care Physicians
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Women's Health Nurse Practitioners
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Certified Nurse Midwives
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Certified Sex therapists
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licensed marriage and family therapists

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