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Connecting women to primary care providers, OBGYN's, Women's health Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health experts and more.

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Primary Care


Preventative care and screenings from the comfort of your home.
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Cold and Flu

Get through flu season with symptom management and treatment.
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Asthma and Allergies

Management of Asthma and allergy symptoms.
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Diagnosis and management of headaches.
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Create healthy eating habits and develop food plans.
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Urinary Tract Infestions

Diagnosis and management of urinary symptoms.
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Kiira Well Woman

Stay on top of your female and sexual health needs.
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Birth control consultation

Birth control counseling and delivery
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Menstrual cycle concerns

Evaluation of menstrual cycle concerns including irregular and painful periods.
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Sexual health

Evaluation of sexual health issues including painful sex and low libido.
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Preconception counseling

Develop healthy habits now to prepare for future pregnancy.
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STI treatment / prevention

STI testing and treatment.
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Mental Health and Counseling

Mental Health evaluation

Discuss mental health issues with experts.
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Diagnosis and treatment of anxiety.
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Diagnosis and treatment of depression.
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Trouble concentrating

Management of ADHD.
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Trouble Sleeping

Learn about sleep hygiene and other management tips.
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Mental Health Counseling

Interact with our multicultural counselors.
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Health Education and Promotion

Sexual Well-Being

Got questions? We've got answers to your sexual health concerns. Ask away.
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Physical Well-Being

Let's help you nurture your body and stay healthy.
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Mental Well-Being

Don't forget your brain. Let's talk about it.
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Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs

Learn to develop healthy habits.
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Emotional Well-Being

Need to talk about your emotional issues? We have a safe space for you.
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Social Well-Being

... because no man is an island.
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Some of the reasons to choose Kiira

Care you can count on.

Multicultural Experts

Speak with clinicians from all works of life and various religious, cultural and racial backgrounds.

Affordable pricing

Check out Kiira's affordable pricing options and unbeatable rates.

On demand Care

We bring the care to you. Talk to a clinician anytime, anywhere.

Same day visits

Our app connects you with trusted experts in moments. No need to wait weeks for an appointment

24/7 chat

Talk to experts via chat all dayWith unlimited messaging with your care team.

Get prescriptions fast

We will help you order your prescriptions and provide exactly what you need right away.