Member benefits for better outcomes.

Kiira's Advanced AI care coordinator will provide your members with the healthcare they need, save you money and increase outcomes.

Advanced AI Coordinator

Kiira care coordination and virtual care reduces overall cost by limiting the amount of unnecessary visits and preventing care avoidance which could lead to expensive procedures or adverse health events in the long run

Save Time and Money

Getting the best care does not have to be traveling long distances to do so. Give your members the ease and access of information whenever and wherever they want it with virtual solutions from the kliit health expert team. Saving them time and money and providing quality care with Kiira.

Population Insights and Analytics

Learn how your members are doing using our HIPAA Compliant, secure platform. Let us set you up with the right analytics to improve health outcomes for your members by identifying health problems at the earliest stage, maintaining health, identifying risk factors in the long run and leading to healthier and happier plan members.

A Diverse Care Team at their Fingertips

Primary Care Practitioner Headshot
Primary Care Practitioners
OBGYN Headshot
Nurse Practitioner Headshot
Women's Health Nurse Practitioners
Certified Nurse Midwife Headshot
Certified Nurse Midwives
Certified Sex Therapist Headshot
Certified Sex therapists
LMFT Headshot
licensed marriage and family therapists

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