How it Works

Kiira guides students to the care they need, while helping colleges sense and respond to the ever-changing needs of their student population.

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Advanced AI Coordinator

Set your students up for a great school experience with their own virtual health assistant. Kiira will be there every step of the way. Kiira takes away the guess work in seeking care and connects women to our trusted network of licensed clinicians helping them navigate their health while in school and improve overall health outcomes. 

Dedicated Care Team

Every young womxn needs a care squad. With Kiira your students are a click away from a designated care team. We offer a dedicated diverse women's health care team with women's health & wellness experts covering various specialties and certifications, cultural backgrounds, languages and religions.

Population Insights and Analytics

Learn how your students are doing and get all student health data and information in one HIPPA Compliant, secure place. We provide university health administrators and health plans insights into the health of their populations which leads to better health outcomes, lower cost of care and high quality care.

Kiira is There For Students 24/7/365.

Why Kiira

Going off to college can be challenging for young womxn. As young people learn to navigate school, they're also faced with the reality of managing their health as independent adults.

Topics like sex, birth control, and STIs can carry stigma and shame, limiting students from feeling fully comfortable to seek care on their own.

Kiira is a virtual clinic that connects college womxn to a network of  trusted providers who can quickly address their concerns.

Create the Healthy
Environment Students Need

Services and Features

With Kiira's advanced AI, colleges can gain insights on their students wellness needs as well as illness needs, allowing institutions to respond to students' health.

Wellness Care

See what portion of students are requesting wellness care such as:

  1. STI Screenings
  2. Birth Control Counseling
  3. Preventative Medicine

Illness Care

Understand population health insights on topics such as: 

  1. UTIs
  2. Stress/Mental Wellness
  3. Injury

A Diverse Care Team at their Fingertips

Primary Care Practitioner Headshot
Primary Care Practitioners
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Nurse Practitioner Headshot
Women's Health Nurse Practitioners
Certified Nurse Midwife Headshot
Certified Nurse Midwives
Certified Sex Therapist Headshot
Certified Sex therapists
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licensed marriage and family therapists

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