Kiira  Ambassador Program

Become a Kiira Student Health Ambassador

Kiira Health is centering equitable, multicultural care, and increasing access to key women's health services amongst college students.

Have you got what it takes?

You’d be a perfect Kiira Health Ambassador if you're:


Reliable &  Committed Integrity, self-discipline, and the ability to empower others

Relationship Builder

Enduring motivation & Resilience Interest in leadership


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Become a Kiira Student Ambassador and join us on our mission to improve lives.

Ambassador program goals


community health and wellbeing through education, advocacy and programming.


community around diversity and inclusion through mentorship.

Why become an Ambassador?

Here are some reasons to become a Kiira Student Health Ambassador.

Represent your school


Have a chance to build your network, connect with Kiira experts and your ambassador peers.

Boost your resume

Tell future employers what you've done. Being a Kiira Ambassador will be great for your resume.

Collaborative Partnership

Ensure that your voice is heard with collaborative partnership.


This is an opportunity for you to learn and grow while developing new Skills.


Connect with industry experts mentors from the Kiira ambassador network


Enjoy lots of perks worth over $100,000 in value from Kiira Partners.

Student Perks

Some of our partners


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Kiira Ambassador?

You can become a Kiira ambassador by simply applying using the links provided on our kiira Ambassador page. Just hit apply and fill in a form. A member of our community development team will reach out to you.

What perks do you offer Ambassadors?

We offer discount from our top brand partners.

How do I get Kiira?

You can get Kiira by purchasing a membership or through your university. Please check with your university health center or contact us at to learn how Kiira can come on your campus.

How much do your services cost?

Our membership pricing is as follows;
Kiira Starter Plan : $15
Kiira Pro Plan : $65
Kira Pro Plus Plan : $120
Telemedicine Fees: Flat fee of $60

How do I stay in touch?

You can find us on instagram, Twitter , Facebook and Linkedin at @getkiira

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at

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